Bournemouth Hospital Charity continues the legacy of the Jigsaw Appeal that saw the local community pull together to help create a new centre of excellence for oncology, haematology, gynaecology, breast care and early pregnancy for our Hospital.

Over the years, our women’s health fundraising efforts have enabled us to help our Hospital change the lives of hundreds of local women and we are looking to help secure new equipment to help enhance women’s health treatment at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital with this year’s women’s health projects.

Events and fundraisers such as the flagship Twilight Walk for Women have enabled our Hospital to acquire life-changing new medical equipment – such as a device that has helped our consultants investigate possible early signs of cancer in the womb and new equipment to help over 1,000 women living with severe overactive bladders.

Funds raised through this year’s efforts will support the purchase of additional equipment and facilities to enhance patient care and help make treatment more comfortable.

If you would like to help donate towards women’s health projects, please use the form below. If you would like more information, please do get in contact with us.

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