The Robotic Telecytology system is a remote video microscope used for diagnosis of lumps for the Royal Bournemouth Hospital’s new one-stop lumps clinics.

The equipment will speed up diagnosis, reducing the need for repeat appointments and repeat biopsies.

This technology will be able to help numerous cancer sites – particularly haematology, head and neck, and sarcoma – and costs £18,000.

Robotic Telecytology has a number of benefits, including:

  • More accurate diagnoses
  • More material will be available for additional diagnostic procedures
  • Patients will spend less time in clinics
  • Instances of patient recall for repeat or follow-up procedures will be reduced
  • Overall faster turnaround times
  • Allows for high resolution, full control of magnification, stage, focus etc.
  • Allows distant as well as local remote control
  • Allows multiple pathologists to view live images simultaneously if required

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