The Physiotherapy gym at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital is heavily used by thousands of patients each year.

The exercise bikes are one of the most used items of equipment, and it is for this reason that we are seeking to purchase an additional exercise bike that supports rehabilitation for our patients for £2,000. It is our aim to purchase a new bike that gives patients at our hospital the extra edge in their recovery.

The Physiotherapy Wattbikes have a number of benefits, including:

• It delivers an unrivalled static cycling experience connected with the ability to measure power between left and right legs to try and improve symmetry for our patients
• It enables the education of pedal stroke, therefore training specific muscle groups through the pedal cycle
• It has far greater adjustability than our existing bikes
• It will provide an enhanced resource to the many patients accessing the gym each year, supporting their recovery from a range of illnesses and injuries
• It has a commercial warranty and far greater adjustability than our existing bikes
• Although predominantly for patients, it will allow us to treat or staff with our Staff Physio Service

To support this important project, please donate using the form below. If you have any questions about the project, please do contact us here.

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