A Moleculight is a handheld device, which uses a UV light to identify bacteria in wound beds, accurately records dimensions and allows staff to collect images of the wounds.

This means that staff are able to make quicker wound diagnoses, monitor the changes in wounds and ensure their patients are on the correct treatment plans.

The Moleculight has a number of benefits, including:

  • Supporting accurate and timely interventions
  • Allowing clinicians to be confident in reducing antibiotic prescribing
  • The effective treatment can be initiated at point of care giving definite indications (not diagnosis) of what we need to do e.g. surgical debridement to prevent a potential abscess/sepsis
  • Assisting patients to understand why certain treatments may be suggested, visually demonstrate wound improvement
  • Providing reassurance of clinical treatments and outcomes
  • Giving confidence to patient in that photos of timeline can demonstrate improvement e.g. dressings have reduced the infection
  • The device requires no calibration, no updating, no ongoing costs or consumables, and is not hardwired to computer – so images can be uploaded and then deleted from device

The MolecuLight Wound Imaging Device allows clinicians to quickly, safely, and easily visualize bacteria and measure wounds at the point of care, so they have maximum insights for accurate treatment selection and accelerated healing.

We currently have one Moleculight device at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, and it is our aim to purchase two more devices for £5,000 each, which can be used across our wards and departments appropriately, to improve patient care and allow our staff to provide a better service.

To support this important project, please donate using the form below. If you have any questions about the project, please do contact us here.

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