“Help us to buy this special scanner designed to scan limbs rather than the whole body making it much more comfortable for patients”

To celebrate the National Health Service’s 70th birthday in 2018, Bournemouth Hospital Charity asks the community to join together and help fund a new Mini MRI Scanner that could lower waiting times and provide more comfortable treatment for radiology patients.

Launching the Mini MRI Scanner appeal to honour a momentous year for the NHS, Bournemouth Hospital Charity aims to raise £300,000 for the scanner that will benefit elderly patients as well as patients with leg or arm injuries or joint degeneration.

The scanner we want to buy is much smaller than our main MRI scanners you may have seen and is designed to scan limbs rather than the whole body making it much more comfortable for the patient.

The people who will benefit from the scanner will be those who have injured themselves through a fall, a sports injury or whose joints have degenerated.

MRI scans are much more helpful to our doctors. Unlike an x-ray which can only look at bone, an MRI scan will also show ligaments, tendons and cartilage. In fact anyone who is going for a joint replacement will have an MRI scan first.

Total cost: £300,000

Funds raised so far: £242,491

We need to raise: £57,509

Total raised: 244941 pounds
Total cost: 300000 pounds

Rather than lie in an awkward position in a large MRI scanner, suitable patients can have a more comfortable scan on the extremity scanner. An extra bonus of this is that this will free up space on the other machines to perform more complex body and spine examinations by completing around 12-15 scanning appointments per day.

If you have any questions about this appeal, please do contact us here.

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