“Providing a helping hand to our patients and staff in our Radiology Department”

Thousands of people in our community visit our hospital’s Radiology Department each year. Not to just look around, but often to receive x-ray examinations.

As most patients are x-rayed standing up, examinations can be a real challenge for those living with knee or lower limb afflictions.

If you have severe mobility problems, require the use of walking sticks or crutches or feel unsteady or uncomfortable on your feet, even a simple x-ray can quickly become a difficult experience.

One way to help make life easier for our patients and staff is to introduce a lifting platform. This practical solution lifts patients comfortably and safely with all the support they need so that they can be x-rayed with little hassle.

Not only does this help patients, it will also stop radiographers putting too much stress on their own bodies when trying to help patients into position.

With your support, we can raise the £7,400 needed for this effective solution to provide relief for our patients and assist our staff.

To support this project, please donate using the form below. If you have any questions about the project, please do contact us here.

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