The Trust provides a number of specialised flat lifting equipment boards called Hoverjacks to support staff lifting patients who have fallen. These are a basic requirement to flat lift a fallen person – whether they are a patient, visitor or staff member.

Staff have requested further support from the Charity to help when falls occur, specifically to purchase a further five of the newest technology boards which run on battery power, enabling safe recovery of people anywhere on site.

Improving the availability and access of the flat lifting equipment by increasing the number of units located throughout the Trust will reduce the response time for staff and limit the time an individual is on the floor. At present, staff responding to an out-of-building incident have to use the Ferno Scoop and physically lift the individual onto a trolley, in order to transport them back into the building.

Each Hoverjack is estimated to cost £6,332.04 each. If you would like to donate towards one of these incredibly useful pieces of equipment, click the donate button below.


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