The Charity funds the annual costs of having an in-house Film Production Officer available in the hospital Communications department. This enables a number of films to be made each year, including films to accompany our online staff training, to support staff recruitment, to celebrate staff achievements, and to show clinical procedures and the hospital to help alleviate patient anxieties before visits.

This role supports the delivery of a number of communication plans and clinical work streams, and produces films for many departments. This work has added real value to the patient and staff experience and is very wide ranging.

The films produced are all well received and provide a real benefit to patients as well as staff. A key aim of the Communications Team is to reach out to as many stakeholders as possible in a variety of ways to demonstrate that our hospital is a great place to work and showcase our high standards of care for patients – films play an integral part in this, especially with the expansion of social media.

Crucially, the Film Production Officer also films our fundraising events and other promotional videos to support the Charity.


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