Maxine to take to the skies for Charity

A Health Care Assistant at Bournemouth Hospital Charity will be jumping out of a plane to raise funds to support patients and colleagues at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

Maxine has always been a massive supporter of the NHS and has worked in Bournemouth Hospital as an HCA for almost a year, loving her work and finding it to be an eye opener into the amazing contribution each and every member of staff makes.

Maxine says: “I have also had the great privilege of working alongside some fantastic patients who are probably at their most vulnerable.

“Meeting this broad spectrum of people has made me realise, even more, how lucky we are to have such an amazing institution. This is why I feel passionate in being able to raise money for a truly deserving hospital. It’s about being able to give something back.

“Having the opportunity to skydive is a once in a lifetime achievement, especially as I am scared of heights! It will enable me to be out of my comfort zone and vulnerable. Having feelings like this will help give me an insight into what patients may be experiencing whilst staying in hospital, enabling me to further better myself within the work place.”

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