Hair cut raises £2,000 for breast patients

A Royal Bournemouth Hospital women’s health consultant has raised over £2,000 for Bournemouth Hospital Charity after having her hair cut on Facebook Live.

Miss Ishrak Hamo, Consultant Oncoplastic Surgeon at Royal Bournemouth Hospital, had 21 inches of her beloved black locks snipped by a former patient Tracey Verrall to help raise funds for new equipment for breast cancer patients.

Miss Hamo, who practises in the Jigsaw Building of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, made her sacrifice for the sake of her patients.

“I have donated my hair to make real hair wigs for cancer patients because they are often most devastated with the ramifications of receiving cancer treatment, namely losing their hair,” explains Miss Hamo.

As well as donating the hair, Miss Hamo has raised over £2,000 towards breast cancer projects within her department with a number of former patients donating via her JustGiving page.

Local hairdresser Tracey Verrall, who had the honour of cutting the hair, met Miss Hamo whilst undergoing treatment for breast cancer at the Hospital.

Having worked as a hairdresser for 30 years and faced cancer treatment herself, Tracey says she can appreciate how it feels as a cancer patient to experience the unpleasant side effects of treatment.

“I lost my hair through chemo and then I lost my hair through radiotherapy,” explains Tracey.

“Losing my hair taught me how to treat people with cancer. When you have someone in the salon who’s going through it, then you can share how they’re feeling.”

Anyone wishing to donate towards Miss Hamo’s cause can do so through her JustGiving page.

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