Liver Health scanner

Alongside cancer, heart disease and lung disease, chronic liver disease is one of the biggest causes of premature death in the UK.

Our hospital consultants used to rely on liver biopsies to measure how severe a patient’s disease has become, but taking biopsies can be expensive, inconvenient and often painful for patients.

These days, our hospital makes uses of a brilliant device known as a ‘fibroscan’ machine that allows our consultants to measure the amount of fibrosis, or scarring, of the liver using a quick, comfortable and non-invasive scan.

As our Trust provides liver care for the entire county, we want to help our hospital acquire a new mobile fibroscan machine to open up a whole new world of opportunity for our outpatients across Dorset to be seen and scanned without having to travel to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

Thanks to a very generous donation of £29,300 from the Christchurch Rotary Club, we’ve already been able to purchase a medium-sized fibroscan machine which will support our hospital’s liver service to carry out two to three clinics in the community every week.

Now, we are looking to raise a further £15,750 to acquire a larger scanning probe to maximise the number of patients who can receive scans during these important clinics.

This fantastic piece of equipment will help to benefit all of our liver patients, no matter where in the county they live.

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