Facilities for Children

“Making our Emergency Department a little more pleasant for our 12,000 child patients a year”

Imagine how daunting visiting a hospital emergency department can be. Now imagine how it can feel for a child.

Noisy and often filled with unfamiliar people and equipment, a trip to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital’s Emergency Department can be an alarming and stressful experience for any patient.

That’s why – with your help – we raised £5,360 to refurbish our Emergency Department with a new children’s waiting area.

Everyone who contributed to the project helped to provide toys, comfortable seating, artwork, tables and decoration for children, making a trip to A&E a little more pleasant for babies, toddlers and infants.

A new refreshment stand and water cooler are also benefitting those looking after them.

Our hospital staff provide care for 12,000 paediatric emergencies a year from minor injuries through to critically ill children. You can see why this is such an important project.

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