Dementia Activity items

Our Dementia and Delirium Team are a specialist team consisting of nurses and support workers.

Their aim is to assist people living with dementia at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital to make sure that they and their families have the best care and support during their hospital admission, reducing distress, providing engagement and helping manage the different forms of dementia and delirium.

In the summer of 2018, Bournemouth Hospital Charity were grateful to receive a cheque from Lodge Friendship No.169 Pokesdown Order of Women Freemasons for £762.00 to go towards support the care of these patients at the hospital.

Penny Battistotti-Moore, the Worshipful Master of the lodge in 2018, chose to support dementia projects during her year of office after her Mother was diagnosed with the condition, which causes memory-loss, difficulties with thinking and language and physical function.

Since her mother’s diagnosis, this lesson rings true for Penny,

“Sometimes you never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory… today I grab every moment that I can”.

It is with this drive, that Penny and her fellow members at Lodge Friendship No. 169 were able to organise many events to raise money for this cause, including a Mad Hatter’s tea, cheese and wine nights, a shamrock ball, Christmas jumper drinks and nibbles and raffles.

Bournemouth Hospital Charity worked with the ladies from Lodge Friendship No.169 and the Dementia and Delirium Team to find the best way to spend this money in a way that would benefit the patients.

They decided to purchase a selection of small items that would increase person-centred activity and engagement, increase concentration, alleviate boredom to promote independence, well-being and a good quality of life.

A variety of items such as activity boards, summertime activities bundles, scentscape packs and a variety of cognitive stimulation games – all made especially for people with dementia – were purchased.

Dementia and Delirium Team Lead Louise Seaward thinks that each of these items will make a real difference,

“We are so grateful for any charity contributions to enable us to keep our patients engaged and occupied during their stay. Our most recent purchase includes activity boards and reminisce activities to share with our patients. The aim is to engage patients in conversations around day-to-day living and use all the senses to remember things like working around the house, in the shed and going to the seaside. The activity boards are something we have wanted to implement for a long time. We now have enough activity boards for each of our older peoples wards and one spare for use around the hospital”.

Debbie Anderson, Head of Fundraising at Bournemouth Hospital Charity explained how a smaller donation can go a long way,

“Purchasing these stimulation tools for these patients is a brilliant example of the purchases we are able to make with both large and small donations. The cost of the items varied from as little as £12 to £195, and when you factor in how patients will benefit from them, it was easy for us to recognise these as a great way to support people affected by dementia across the hospital.

Enhancing the care and treatment of our patients is one of the key objectives for Bournemouth Hospital Charity and we were thrilled to work alongside Penny and Louise to purchase the right things for the Dementia and Delirium Team.”

Anyone wanting to make a contribution to the Dementia Team or one of Bournemouth Hospital Charity’s many fundraising projects for 2019, can do so online at or by calling the Charity Office on 0300 019 4060.

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