Kevin chucks in choccies for Lent

Over twenty RBCH Trust staff are giving up vices for 40 days as part of Bournemouth Hospital Charity’s ‘Lent Challenge’.

The Charity is asking Hospital staff to sacrifice chocolate, crisps, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes or any other vice for 40 days and donate the amount of money that they save until April 13 to the Charity.

Ward Host Kevin Holmes, who has decided to give up chocolate for the event, says the challenge was the perfect opportunity for him to finally take the plunge.

“I’ve been meaning to try going chocolate-free for a while,” says Kevin. “When I heard about the Charity’s Lent Challenge, it seemed like a great way to give it all up for a bit and help support the Hospital at the same time.

“A few of us on our Ward are taking part and we’re having a right laugh teasing each other about not being able to enjoy coffee, crisps, chocolate – whatever it is!”

If any members of the public have sacrificed a vice for Lent and would like to make a contribution towards the Charity’s fundraising efforts, Bournemouth Hospital Charity invites them to make a donation online.

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