Going for Bust donate £7,320 for new chair for breast cancer patients

Women having breast biopsies at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital will experience more comfortable treatment after a generous donation from a local cancer charity.

Going for Bust recently donated £7,320 to Bournemouth Hospital Charity to purchase a special new chair for the hospital’s Breast Unit.

The easily adjustable chair will make the process of taking biopsies of breast tissue more comfortable for patients.

Senior Radiographer Natalie Dolan says the new kit will benefit both patients and staff.

“The chair benefits patients by aiding in positioning for procedures such as breast biopsies and keeps them more comfortable throughout,” Natalie explains.

“It is also very beneficial for staff members using it as the electronic mechanisms help with our manual handling whilst preserving our posture and the chair is much more manoeuvrable for the different procedures we use it for.”

Fundraising Manager Lindsey Sturman says Bournemouth Hospital Charity are very grateful for Going for Bust’s continued support.

“Going for Bust are amazing, they have previously donated £10,000 towards a new Breast Ultrasound Machine for the Unit in 2016 and a grant of over £23,000 last year to allow the hospital to purchase a new Dose Calibrator for SLN (sentinel lymph node) injections,” says Lindsey.

“The brand new biopsy chair will be of great benefit to the breast patients who need it and is a great example of how hospital charities fund the items over and above what the NHS can afford to provide a more comfortable patient experience.”

Going for Bust opened its first shop committed to fundraising solely for Breast Cancer in 2013 and have since gone on to open a further ten shops. Their shops welcome donations of good quality items such as clothing, furniture, fashion accessories and Bric-a-Brac.

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