Why leave a legacy?

David's Story

Why leave a legacy to your Hospital?

Whether you want to give something back after you or a loved one received treatment, or want to do something that will benefit your community when you’re gone, leaving a legacy donation in your will is a powerful and noble gesture.

Legacy donations to Bournemouth Hospital Charity provide us with hundreds of thousands of pounds in funding every year. These wonderfully generous and selfless gifts allow us to purchase new equipment and training to help enhance treatment and comfort for our patients, their loved ones and our staff.

As a former patient of our Stroke Unit, David Mansell has decided that he wants to leave a legacy to Bournemouth Hospital Charity to help those in the future who will face the same experiences that he has been through.

Listen as Mr Mansell explains in his own words why he has chosen to leave his legacy to his Hospital.

If you are considering leaving a legacy to Bournemouth Hospital Charity and would like more information or advice, please do contact our Legacy Officer, Gemma.