Dates: No set start date
Challenge type: Walk
Challenge grade: Step at your own pace
Length: 30 consecutive days
This challenge is free to take part in
Fundraising target range: £30
For more information, contact us:
0300 019 4060 or

Step up to the challenge of walking 300,000 to help us raise £365,000 to buy a state-of-the-art Walkerbot.

Walk 10,000 steps every day for 30 days, to raise funds for this amazing piece of technology that will help patients living with stroke relearn to walk.

Over 720 people are admitted to our hospital each year with stroke and 75% of these have lower limb weakness. But the brain can adapt and people can relearn to walk through repetition and practice.

This challenge is free to take part, but we would love for all our challengers to fundraise a minimum of £30 each. You can start this challenge at any time, as long as you complete 30 consecutive days of walking.

Why not track your steps with your wearable, Apple Health or Samsung Health, or even sign up to Strava so your friends and family can see your progress?

Visit our Walkerbot page to find out more and read the benefits it will bring our patients and staff.

Please adhere to social distancing measures when taking place in this challenge.

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