Dates: tbc
Challenge type: Trek
Challenge grade: ★★★★★
Registration price: £100 (non-refundable)
Fundraising target: Three options available
For more information, please contact:
0300 019 4060 or

Trek to Machu Picchu in Peru along the Inca Trail for an unforgettable fundraising experience.

One of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu is one of the most iconic sights in South America and famously home to llamas that roam the site.

This trek will certainly test your fitness as Machu Picchu sits 2,430 metres (7,970 ft) above the sea level – but we know you’re up for the challenge!

To find out more about the trek, the fundraising target and signing up, please contact our events team on 0300 019 4060 or

Here are some facts you may not know about Machu Picchu:

  • In the Quechua native language ‘Machu Picchu’ means ‘Old Peak’ or ‘Old Mountain’
  • It is regarded as South America’s most impressive archaeological ruin
  • According to scholars Machu Picchu was a royal estate built for the Inca king Pachacutec around 1450
  • In 1983 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.